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Why Sourcelyn Was Created

about me general Feb 03, 2021

It was a nerve-racking, yet inevitable decision — one that has taken me many years to finally make. I opened up a new business. And yes,  I chose to do it in the midst of a pandemic: a whirlwind uncertainty, mourning, hardship, and rapid change. Call me crazy, naive or valiant, but taking this leap of faith, now, felt more than right. It felt like a homecoming. I have always enjoyed working directly with people and learning as much as I can — plus I’ve got a nerdy knack for numbers and problem-solving. 


My vision for many years has been to offer a service that would help people and small businesses alike. I’m fascinated with work culture trends, leadership styles, and employee experience. This a vital and crucial aspect of every business that, sadly, is not talked about enough.  With so much information circulating online, many people miss out on the mountains of resources that may be available to them, especially in minority communities. That’s where we come in. 


Sourcelyn was born to find balance, spark change, and increase value to your business. But more importantly, educate and empower people by connecting them with the right tools and resources they need. 


I have many years of extensive experience in human resources, payroll management, and bookkeeping. I have lead several HR departments in creating and maintaining policies, procedures, and enforcing compliance laws. I am also a Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor and a big sucker for numbers and bottom lines. I have processed a large number of transactions including payroll, bill payment, accounts receivable, inventory, bank reconciliations, and more. And, lastly, I live for creating procedures to simplify your bookkeeping processes and leverage the latest technology to optimize your business.

Get in touch, we made it easy… (email, chat, phone, Facebook, Instagram) take your pick. If you have a business or thinking about starting a business, I would like to hear from you and discuss how I can be of service and value to your organization. 


Making good judgments when one has complete data, facts, and knowledge is not leadership - it's bookkeeping  - Dee W. Hock

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